CD4049-based Overdrive pedal.

Here’s the latest example of a serie of small-footprint guitar pedals I’m currently working on. This one consists of a CD4049 based overdrive, involving a two-sided pcb, miniature conductive plastic pots, some SMT components ( such as the Hex Inverter), dale resistors and Vishay MKT caps. Continue reading for a couple more pictures and info.
It was quite tricky to get such a big circuit design fitted inside a 1590A hammond enclosure. Close care had to be taken when designing the PCB layout to avoid unwanted noise and oscillations in high gain circuits like the one above. I look forward to building a couple more overdrive pedals, and some treble boosters following this line of small footprint designs. They are super portable, and look and sound great!!!




~ by fperezroig ( on November 12, 2014.

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