Fender Mim Classic 70’s


Hey! This is my Mexican Fender 70’s currently for sale. I’m posting a few pics so potential buyers can take a look. Continue reading to see the rest of the pictures.

The guitar is shielded and I had the tremolo blocked by the well known luthier Toni Fayos at afjguitars.
Both changes do add value to the guitar, but could be easily undone.
I also installed a set of Fender CustomShop TexasSpecial pickups which are a perfect match. Anyway, original pickups would be also included if needed.
Pots and switch were changed to first quality parts and the cheap capacitor was also replaced with a Sprague “BlackBeauty”.
The action on this guitar is really low considering the 7.25” radius, and the feel is really comfortable. It was recently adjusted again by Toni Fayos at  afjguitars.


P1050061 P1050062 P1050060 P1050059 P1050058 P1050063 P1050065 P1050064 P1050066 P1050067 P1050068 P1050069 P1050070 P1050071 P1050073 P1050057 P1050056 P1050055 P1050054 P1050053 P1050052 P1050051 P1050050 P1050049 P1050048 P1050047 P1050046 P1050044 P1050043 P1050042 P1050041 P1050039 P1050038 P1050035 P1050032


~ by fperezroig (22nanofarads.com) on November 10, 2013.

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