Solder fume protection.


Hey!! This is a small hint I got from some of the guys at el34world site  to avoid breathing rosin while soldering

For those like me who solder at home without much air flow inside the room , this could be a cheap and easy way to keep yourself out from the rosin fumes produced when soldering.

I normally use 60/40 lead solder and was quite concerned about the dangers of inhaling some of its lead. However, solder does not get hot enough for the lead to boil (lead’s boiling point is 1750 celsius),
That said, the fumes do not seem to be coming from lead but from rosin flux present in most tin solders.
Anyway, inhaling rosin is plenty bad enough and should be avoided.

I used a couple of CPU cooling fans taking dust on the shelf that could be of great use for this purpose. To power the fans, I chose a 12v 300mA wall wart with adjustable output voltage.


This was great to control the speed of the fans as needed. Besides, depending on the fans’ position you can both suck the fumes or blow them away.

For more information of the hazards involved on soldering,  it’s nice to take a look at the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) of tin solder . Always baring in mind that those are very conservative views on this matter.

No more smoking from now on!!!


~ by fperezroig ( on October 30, 2013.

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