Spiral horn speakers under construction. Part2


Finally some updates on my SpiralHorns! Received the pair of Fostex FE108EZ and some damping material couple of days ago. I’m new to Hifi full range drivers, and my first impression was that the banana pulp cone looked so thin and fragile!! On the other side, the HP shell diaphragm looked really cool! I couldn’t wait to hear how they sounded, but the front plate was not glued in place yet. For that reason I decided to set up a provisional scenario to get some initial listening impressions of the speakers. This is what I did, and a small preliminary review of my spiralhorns.
Part3 is soon yet to come with the finished speakers and final listening impressions!!

By the time I got the drivers, I had just glued the back plate as seen in the images bellow. I used a couple of heavy guitar amps to make sure there was good contact between the backplate and the edge of each spiral arm. After 24h it completely dried so I could’ve glued the front plate. I didn’t do it because I didn’t have the drivers at home, and wasn’t sure wether I cut the driver’s cutout with proper dimensions or not. I would hate to modify the front plate after gluing it to the rest of the speaker, so decided to wait.

DSC05498 DSC05496 DSC05492





Once the drivers arrived, I decided to bolt them in place and with the rest of the speaker facing upwards, leave the front plate just sitting on top without applying any glue to it. I also added some sheep wool damping material to the cavity of the driver and provisionally wired a cat5 UTP cable twisted pair between the fostex and one of the channels of my lm1875 amp.  Plugged a laptot as input for the lm1875 and the speaker was ready to be played!!!

DSC05513 DSC05503









I know this is far from the ideal situation where the speaker will be mounted on the wall, with the front plate glued and the correct amount of damping material applied both to the driver’s cavity and the 8 horn mouths, but yet the speaker sounded great!! I mean, given my limited experience this is the most versatile speaker I ever heard and probably one of the best sounding!! Bass is awesome ( I think it will improve after adding damping material ), mids are well defined and highs are really clear. I played several music styles and it scored well in all of them. Classical, acoustic, blues and electronic music sounded great, and vocals sounded so clear… you felt like the singer was just there before you. Rock music, I must admit, though sounding good ro it was a little muddy (Not saying it did not sound good, just not perfect). Maybe it was due to the recording I chose or the speaker not being finished and placed in the correct place, so it’s better to wait until the speaker is finished to make oneself an opinion.

Besides all that, what really impressed me about these speakers is the way they reproduce movies!!! I felt like being in the cinema!!
Can’t wait to have the speakers totally glued and damped and hear how the sound improves! I’m very happy that even unfinished, the speaker exceeds my expectations and are totally worth the effort!!

Sooner than later I’ll be posting part3 with the final images and listening impressions!!
Keep checking back!!

DSC05512 DSC05508


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