Spiral horn speakers under construction. Part1


Some pictures of my current project, a pair of spiral horn wall mounted speakers.

They’re made from 10mm void free baltic birch plywood, and 4mm okume.
Fullrange drivers still to be chosen. Compared to the size of a guitar each speaker is huge!! The good thing is that they won’t occupy too much space in the room, as they are wall mounted and barely 150 mm depth.

The following images show some close-ups of the unfinished speaker,  about 14 meters of okume  plywood forming the complete spiral!!
4mm okume plywood bends to some extent, but not so much to complete all spiral parts. Towards the centre, it was necessary to cut small pieces of plywood to get the desired shape.

Gluing everything together was such a tedious work!! Around 1,5 litres of glue were needed.

DSC05435 DSC05452 DSC05449 DSC05447


~ by fperezroig (22nanofarads.com) on March 8, 2013.

4 Responses to “Spiral horn speakers under construction. Part1”

  1. Great blog, keep ti coming!

  2. How do they sound? What drivers are you using? Love your site.

    • Hi Ray, glad you liked the blog!
      I’ll be using a pair of Fostex FE108EZ. Couldn’t say how they sound for they aren’t finished yet. Keep checking back!! I’ll be posting part2 in a couple of days as soon as they’re finished.

      I expect great lows from this design, however, even considering the 4” drivers.

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