6SL7GT + KT66 SingleEnded Guitar Amp


Some updates of one of my current builds.
People might disagree, but I tend to find SE amps quite harsh. That’s why this time I wanted to build a SE amp using a big bottled output tube.

In the short term I will be posting the final schematic of the amp, but for now, these are some of the parts I’ll be using.

After contacting C.J. Sutton from WeberSpeakers, I decided to go for the DT12 speaker. It fits perfectly on this build, 12 inches ceramic light weight speaker, quite inefficient so would drive the amp earlier into overdrive. I want the amp to be relatively small, 1×12” combo like the famous Fender 5e3 and to be as lightweight as possible.


Besides the speaker, I purchased the OT you see in the above picture. It’s a MercuryMagnetics SE-5k-MM. At $175 each + shipping, these are very expensive transformers but man… they’re HUGE!!! I find the OT one of the most important parts in SE amps. With all this iron I’m expecting a good bottom end, one of my main concerns when building single-ended amps.


~ by fperezroig (22nanofarads.com) on February 26, 2013.

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